Three Generations

Maple (1990 - 2000)

Johan combined his education with his passion for skating and founded Maple Skate in 1990.

Johan started producing both longtrack and shorttrack skates, as well as inline skates, working from a small home-office. Later he moved into a small factory/workspace in Diever (The Netherlands) which remains to this day.

Under Johan's wings Maple Skate became a well known brand in the skating world, with many Olympic and World Champions skating on his 'golden blades'. During these years Maple was the official equipment supplier of Speedskating Canada and the Korea Skating Union.

Johan Bennink sold Maple Skate to a third party in 2005.

EvoSkates (2005 - current)

Retirement did not last long. In 2009 Johan Bennink founded EvoSkate - commonly known as Evo - in collaboration with Canadian speedskater Derrick Campbell.

Johan designed the blades, and EvoSkate outsourced the production of aluminum parts to a third party in the Netherlands. During these years Evo grew to be a great success.

At the start of 2019, Derrick Campbell and Johan Bennink stopped their cooperation after an internal dispute.

Johan Bennink continues to develop and manufacture Evo skates in his own territories.

Skate-Tec (2019- current)

In 2019 Johan Bennink founded Skate-Tec NL in collaboration with Ms. Yanling Song, who has been his business partner since the early 2000's.

Based on two decades of elite skating pedigree, Skate-Tec continues to develop the best products through constant testing and innovation.

Only premium materials, the highest quality manufacturing processes and advanced designs are implemented.

Skate-Tec NL strives to provide the best products through collaboration with the best athletes and coaches.

About Johan Bennink

Johan's involvement in sports started as an athlete. He was Provincial Champion in both long track speed skating and cycling.

After his sporting career Johan held positions as the National Inline Team Coach, and as a professional marathon team coach for 3 and 5 years respectively.

During his professional coaching career, he helped to produce 2 long track Olympians at the Calgary and Albertville Winter Games.

With a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, and as a specialist in metal technology, Johan combined his education with his passion for skating and founded Maple, EVO and Skate-Tec.

As the architect behind the design and manufacturing of all the blades, Johan now brings over 50 years of skating and engineering experience to the Evo group and its products.